A Colorado Lass Comes Home

posts-ny-picI met Ny a few years back when she expressed an interest on coming on my West highland way wander ,  so began a friendship and one very out going girls adventure home to the motherland.

Spending time on the trail with Ny was interesting in many ways….for one she likes to talk…now this is not a bad thing so hush you if your laughing at me…it gave me a chance to learn who this girl is..was…and what she was looking for. It so happens that she had undertaken the hike to challenge her own fitness levels and connect with her Scottish roots….the first I cant really help with but the latter is something that gets my excitement flowing, any chance to talk about this country I call home is time well spent…so who was talking lots NOW!?!?

At times I would catch up to Ny on the trail and she’d be brimming with energy….pointing this out and that out , at other times id wander up next to her , sit on the heather and just enjoy the silence with her….and at these times I could sense she was back home…at one with her Scottish family in the glen….by the lochside…on the mountain top.

I had the pleasure of guiding Ny twice on the West highland way and both times I think she learned more about Scotland and herself , she recently sent me this magazine clipping from her work..reading it made me smile….brought back memories and confirmed my thoughts….yes…Ny had come home.

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