Stuffy Minds

photo001When things get stuffy in your mind or your thinking becomes unclear head to the woodlands , head to the mountains , head to the wild places where everyday troubles and everyday strife seem to melt away in the hush of the trees , in the vastness of the glens and the infinite blue of the mountain tops.

Today I shall wander these sacred ravines , today I shall scatter my worries to the winds who don’t care for man’s trivial needs….today I surrender to the winds.

Hail The Catbird

posts-catbirdBeing on the road with the band has it’s good points but can also rob you of your downtime and peace.

I broke free today and went for a jog through the densely populated streets of Raleigh NC…the throng of industrial man was everywhere…couldn’t run five steps without dodging a fast moving vehicle.

I stopped at a busy intersection to cross the lanes of missiles when I heard the most beautiful sound I’d heard in weeks…maybe months. Sitting a stones throw from me atop a chain link fence was a proud little Cat bird doing his best to be heard above the roaring din of mans moving combustion marvel.

I slowly sat down and indulged myself for the next thirty minutes while this soprano of the streets ran through every song in his vast and exhilarating repertoire . At last he took to the wind and left me….refreshed and smiling I may add….what a joy he was….all hail this little singing sensation.