Sanibel Island Drifting…

While on the road with my band I am blessed at times to witness amazing moments and venture to parts of the world that most folk can only dream of going. One of those places is Sanibel Island , a small strip of land off the Florida coast that has its own ecosystem.

Whenever I get the chance to visit I always see it as a special treat. It’s a time to relax and get back to my roots, cycle,run and bird watch on Ding Darling nature reserve, or simply sit back and eat well on the fresh fish served nightly in any of the fine dining establishments on the island.

This year I was lucky enough to try my hand at sea kayaking. I was able to follow dolphins as they played in the surf, hearing them breathe through their blowholes and almost feel the expelled air as the sea breeze kissed it and blew it across me like a magical mist gifted to our world from Poseidon’s deep dark realm. I watched pelicans skim the surface mere feet¬† from where I floated, saluting me like a victorious world war spitfire dipping its wings as it flew past. The tranquility of it all was very humbling indeed. Till next year dear Sanibel….till next year.

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