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Sunrise in Garscadden woodlands.

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Early morning light on a winters morn . This is the Garscadden woods on the outskirts of a sprawling Glasgow suburb, Drumchapel .

As I took my sunrise wander it was apparent to me that these woods although small in size are near perfect in their formation . When walking I was greeted by wise old Oaks gnarled with age , ancient Scots pines rich in color , thick trunked giant Beeches , graceful young Silver birches and slender Rowans who’s long branches seemed to reach for the Sun . Multitudes of birds from black birds to the tiny Goldcrest brought the boughs alive with their sweet melodies while young red deer grazed lazily through the undergrowth, picking and choosing as they stepped .

Here on the outer fringes of the industrial behemoth that is Glasgow can be found a most excellent surviving example of a true Scottish forest ....coexisting with over 600,000 busy human beings and still holding its own .

Sláinte GJ

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