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I hiked the West Highland Way with James in 2013 and it exceeded all my expectations.  I was traveling solo and it was my first time to Scotland so I was a little nervous.  I quickly became comfortable thanks to James and Bill.


James and Bill take care of all logistics during the tour, beginning with being picked up at the airport.  The accommodations were carefully selected, close to the trail and with great food for hungry walkers.  There are opportunities along the way to stop in stores and pubs and chat with locals which I enjoyed.  James’ knowledge about Scottish history and the Highlands greatly enhanced the trip for me.  I highly recommend a walking tour with James and am looking forward to returning for another trip myself.

Lesley Russ 

West Highland Way client .


If you are on the fence about traveling with James on his hikes ....DO IT!

I went on the Isle of Skye hike as a solo traveler in 2019 with James and Bill and it was an adventure that I could never have imagined .

They make sure everyone is included and enjoying themselves . Along with seeing sights that many , aside from the locals will see, you will leave with so much more. 

The history , the stories and the friendship are things that I will treasure from that trip. James makes the land come to life and even if you’re not looking you’ll find those pieces of yourself you’ve been missing . I can’t wait to get back out on the trails with him.

Jessica Leigh Eades

Isle of Skye client.

We spent years wanting to visit Scotland not just to sight-see, but to fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere and culture.   We had discussed many different plans on how we could make this feasible and then one conversation we had with Gentle James provided the solution.  

Rooms being booked, meals being planned, luggage ported from place to place, while having a knowledgeable, friendly guide for our first hiking trip took all of our stress away.  It allowed us to fully enjoy visiting a place that we knew we would immediately fall in love with.  James is a perfect guide with a wealth of historical knowledge as well as a captivating story-teller.  We have already booked our next trip!

Dr Susan Kula & Nate Kula 

West Highland Way Clients

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